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New Polling Data

Allow me a moment of your time, if you will...

Our vessel's dimensional stability is, as many of you have demonstrated awareness for, either frequently in doubt or deliberately placed in jeapordy. Without access to a... Wider picture of things, it is presently impossible for most of you to formulate a reputable predictive analysis of any patterns.

But there is one variable upon which we can ponder: These 'floods', these... Focal points of external influence acting upon our own... Primarily, they can be categorised by emotional, mental and even physiological effects - and environmental. Or at least, a perception of the same.

In short, they can disrupt the cognitive functions of targets or perhaps the very ship within which we collectively reside.

An order of magnitude, as it were.

Or yield.

Were you asked to wager your thoughts on what might affect us next - personal or environmental - which would you predict?


It seems your Admiral has something of an acute interest in genetic manipulation.

Amusing, is it not? That my mere presence here is enough to clearly send so many of you into panic, soon followed by the restriction of alcohol and now... This.

Certainly, this vessel is not without a sense of irony.

Video: The Arrival

The gloomy interior of a very dark room can be seen on the screen. Those who own pen and paper journals won't be able to view this, but those with computers would... Just as the slight glint of a tell-tale chair-like construct with half-spherical globes set into and jutting out of it in a geometric pattern of the same. If one focuses, they might be able to notice something which might be the upper half of a torso sitting upright upon it, but no face... Just a single, small, bright blue light.

And when the voice speaks, it's with a a metallic rasp which... Some of you... Might well find disturbingly familiar.

"A destination... Interrupted. A journey, cut short and consigned to confinement."

A rhythmic click-clacking of prosthetic talons upon the control board can be heard, as the visitor contemplates what seems to be their new residence.

"This, I believe, shall be adequate."

With that, the transmission cuts off. Davros knows what he's doing, but nobody's getting through that locked door. He's announcing his presence, purely to see who's out there from the last time and are impulsive enough to react.


While others slumber in their own ignorance, assured of their own dominion, I have succeeded where others have failed. I have... Discovered the uncharted. Gone so very much further than an explanation for this locality's auditory phenomenon.

And what need have I, Davros, for remaining in a realm of such imposed limitations?

I recognise no authority of this court. This excuse for control by not so much omnipotents, as impotents. As flattered as I am to have been involved in their affairs, why... Do they... Need... Me?

The greatest possible mastery of power, is that of potential and this wasteful pile of insignificance and superstitions does nothing but squander its own.

Why go to such effort to retrieve us? For what reason must we burden ourselves with such pitiful ideals as 'curses'?

Perhaps, when others have finally understood, their containment, too, shall be at an end.

Then the purging shall begin.


Who dares contaminate my laboratory with such excessive supplies of plasma?! Even the filtration pumps are overloaded! I cannot abide such impractical working conditions!

Meanwhile, In Castle Davros

Those village fools... They hesitate. They fear me. Fear the progress I can bring. This ultimate power. The creation of life from death.

Behold, my greatest creation... A new race. A patchwork quilt of perfect, woven out of necessity from the scavanged remains of the dead. Crude, yes, but... Miraculous.

From such glory is perfection discovered.

And soon, it shall have life!

Assistant Tyler, I grow impatient - report! Have the final components been installed in the laboratory for this feat of scientific progress?

[OOC: Far too perfect a curse not to adapt the character for!]

Residential Geology

This realm's tectonic shifts do little to impress me with their destructive capabilities.

My own developments have proven to be far more... Fortuitous.


I feel the compulsion to ask the question of where lions and tigers may be found. However, I am simultaneously urged to advise those who attempt to answer, that such lifeforms can be located only in Kenya.

And yet, I believe, Kenya is not, nor ever shall be, Sparta.

This... This is Sparta.

How curious.


To ravage my mind, Doctor, far beyond what was necessary for your companion's interrogation... To lock me in a cycle of endlessly repeating memorised failures... To force me to remember things at my most crippled, my most scarred, my most defeated...

To leave me in the waste of my destroyed laboratory...

Did you think that, in this realm, things would end so easily?

Oh, I might have been cursed by years' worth of mental recollections, yes, I grant you this - my perception of them accelerated by your hand. But this world, this place... It answered my need for salvation, Doctor. For one's own memories to find themselves broadcast... Surely, you must realise that any interruption in a circuit can cause it to break?

I think, Doctor, you shall find that your intervention did not completely deny me what was gained by this excursion. I need only rebuild.

Please inform Miss Tyler that her remarkable possession shall come in most useful, indeed.


[OOC: Davros shall not reply to any comments, for reasons being clarified later.]