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A New Way Of Thinking

After not undue consideration, I feel I owe my Gallifreyan companions an... Acknowledgement, of sorts.

After all, was it not they who discovered such radical scientific advances, well in advance on those upon Skaro? And, I admit, while we have duelled, they show impressive intellectual capacity. Few others could come so close.

Perhaps they may do me the liberty of allowing me to dissect their thoughts. I have a number of new inventions in mind and would be most grateful for the chance to repair any malfunctioning circuits upon a residing TARDIS or so.

Admiration for one's greatest enemy should not, I feel, be looked upon as a weakness. Indeed, I have expressed it numerous times. That others seem to be embracing this time as an opportunity to register what can be done by pooling resources is, I think, an admirable ideal.

Times Gone By

A Troublesome Investigation

I feel I should ask for a member of the medical staff. However, the prospect of asking for a... Doctor leaves me with a distinct feeling of discomfort.

Our Communicative Quandry

It would seem our community is moving through an multidimensional soup. Could, I wonder, more than mere communications escape into this ether or... Something more substantial?

Volumes Of Knowledge

'The Secret Books Of Saxon'...?

How pitifully sanctimonious... Oh, I really must congratulate the Admiral on the inclusion of such volumes within our communal library! Truly, they are a marvel of authorship - if a little weighed under by predictable Gallifreyan arrogance.

Potions and elixirs, indeed...


"While some revel in new-found personalities and their associated... Dysfunctions, I have dedicated myself to a new task."

The darkness shown on screen is no mistake. The lens slowly reels back to give some perspective on the location, which appears to be some generic sewer-based location. Or at least, somewhere which opens into it. Clearly, Davros no more requires a flat surface for mobility than his creations do. A fact which was demonstrated a long time ago.

The camera, however, is made to turn and the hum of the machine's motor can be heard as it does so.

"A world of mutation and assorted genetic detritus has an air of... Familiarity about it. Why, it's almost enough to remind oneself of home."

What can be made out, now, are a couple of figures labouring away on something in the darkness. To assume Davros' crippled state of being means he's beyond the ability to enact his will, is a fatal mistake. Either the hidden injection device in his chair which allows for mind-control of subjects, had never malfunctioned or he has fixed it. Now he's evidently quite capable of building things with this manual labour, because they're working away without protest or questions.

"How remarkable, the variety of tools a technologically advanced society can discard... Material which can easily be converted for another purpose. A greater purpose."

The lighting brightens for just long enough to make a deliberate show of what's being worked upon: The outer shell of a Dalek. Crude, bulky, but (as shown here, here and here) most definitely a Dalek... A Dalek with weapons of alarming size, too. Either they're of normal capacity and have to be made that large with what's available or it's a 'Special Weapons' version.

Either way, even for those who have seen them before, it's a terrifying new development; as well as being close to completion. Even those who can't receive a video feed, get a series of images alluding to this.

As is the glass tank with another captured mutant inside - possibly being readied to be converted into a proto-Dalek creature to pilot the machine.

Of course, it's entirely possible he's bluffing... That Davros hasn't been able to find what's necessary for such a construction project. But can anyone really take that frightening risk?

"I think the leadership of your planet is well aware of what I infer... And of how proficient I am in identifying the key infrastructure with which to... Maintain his limited dominance."

Soldiers could be redirected to search mile upon mile of tunnels, it's true. But Davros wouldn't be Davros if he wasn't prepared for that eventuality... What will the Master do?

"Your authority shall be relinquished immediately. Or you shall suffer the consequences."

Not that Davros cares about the freedom of the masses. But is aware that having the mob on your side, of appearing like a liberator, can be a powerful weapon, in itself.

Forging One's Destiny


Time Lords do have a habit of getting theatrical, don't they? Nevertheless, it seems the rest of you have need of my services. My talents... My expertise - of which I have a great deal, confronting his kind.

I assure you, I have no interest in labouring under Gallifreyan subjugation, nor am I foolish enough to pledge loyalty in the belief I would not be exploited against my will.

However, no matter the number of you who may be willing to place survival above personal feelings, I refuse to be contented with inaction beyond my control.

Warden Snape, you will have noticed my location is no longer situated within your employer's confines. To do so would be to invite the gravest of misfortunes and while these communications are, undoubtedly, monitored, our rogue Time Lord has a particular interest in my fate.

I do not wish to allow him the pleasure. I prefer, instead, to control my own destiny.

And, perhaps, do a little reshaping of that belonging to others...

Private - Rex:

Precisely how familiar are you with the fields of electromagnetism and prosthetic adaptation?

Private - Adam:

Mister Munroe... It seems I may have need of your services.

A Tactical Observation